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Claim Complain

Customer Details
Pump Details
Water Conditions
Types of Complain
1 Installation and Commissioning
2 Do not Start Electric Motor
3 Electric Motor Tripped
4 Short Supplied
5 Broken parts in Transportation
6 Do not Getting Flow Rate & Pressure
7 Vibration
8 Abnormal noise
9 Pump oil Temperature High
10 Pump Breakdown
11 Leakage oil from oil seal
12 Water Leakage from Plunger seal
13 Water Leakage By pass From Pressure Regulating Valve
14 Water Leakage From Unloader Valve
15 Water Leakage From Gun
16 Water Leakage from Hose Pipe
17 Water Leakage from Foot Operated Valve
18 Old Pump Repairing
Attach photos of problematic part of pump.
Browse Max 4MB (doc, docx, rtf, txt, xls, xlsx, jpg, jpeg, png, gif, ppt, pdf)